Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fewer selections to read

I learned something sad. Only about 1% of the books we have in America in our bookstores are translations. Think of all we are missing out on! And most of our works that get translated into other languages are the commercial big sellers, like Grisham-type mysteries. I like a fun read too but I think it's sad how little literature is passing through cultures.

Also, I apologize for skipping this blog for two weeks. I went out of town to a conference in Boston, the big TESOL and it was amazing. I met ESL teachers from all over the country. Jackie, who also teaches ITAs but at Wash. U., had dinner with me at Cheers. The outside is from the beginning of the t.v.show. Teaching and especially coordinating ESL can be rather isolating. Networking teaches a lot and I thought of so many ideas. Then I was on Spring Break.

My goal is post something I learn every day that I teach. I won't post on the days I don't teach. Today I didn't teach. I did fly a kite with my kids, which was a blast. Try it!